My lessons are based on developing an all-round musician so we work on numerous activities including:

• Developing a strong sense of pulse and rhythm through games and exercises
• Singing to enhance relative pitch recognition
• Note reading
• Improvisation and playing by ear
• Memory work through muscles and mind
• Technical piano skills
• Engaging the imagination through images and storylines Children at Piano

Having children myself I appreciate that all children need to be treated as individuals, so my approach to teaching varies greatly depending on the age and ability of each student. Younger children need lots of short fun activities to keep their interest.

I use a step-by-step approach to ensure each new musical concept is fully understood before moving on to the next, therefore building confidence at each stage.

I offer 30 and 45 minute lessons to beginners. Hour lessons are available to the more advanced student.

Exams – Although they can be a great motivator and benchmark for progress, I do not believe in teaching students to pass one exam after the other. I mainly wish for my students to enjoy making music and learning a wide range of skills and repertoire that will hopefully keep them interested in playing the piano for life!

• I do not insist on students taking exams.
• I will enter students for exams if they wish to take them and if I feel they are fully prepared and therefore can succeed.
• I will always discuss with parents and the child the best route based on each individual

Feel free to contact me for more information on my teaching methods. I now offer face to face and online piano lessons.